MIDIBass 303 Mark II Installation


The first stage of installation is to open your TB303.
With care, this can be done so that the battery backed memory remains powered during the install - so your patterns are not lost.

Here is a windows media video (2.8MB) of the disassembly process, which should help make sense of the instructions.

Place the 303 on face down on a surface that will not scratch it, and remove all the screws from the rear of the case as indicated here:

When you lift the bottom part of the case off, 'fold' the lower part of the case over along the length of the battery compartment so that the red and black wires to the batteries are not strained - laying it down as shown:

You can catch the batteries as they fall out of their holder, and if you place them quickly back into the rear of the case (now sitting base down) your patterns will be retained. If you chose to do this, you must be careful not to short out any of the devices that remain powered by the batteries during the rest of the install process.

To free the 303 main board from the case, you must remove the two screws holding the curved upper part of the battery compartment - this holds the switchboard to the front panel. The switchboard and mainboard are held together by three plastic stand-offs.
Once you have removed the battery holder, you can lift the 303 circuitry out of the upper part of the case, and fold it over, placing it back into the rear part of the case, as shown:

Then you can detach the switchboard from the mainboard by squeezing the three stand-off tips with pliers, and lifting the board a little.

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